Welcome to the Future Self Mentoring Programme

Mentor Match Me

The Future Self mentoring scheme aims to boost our student's and members employability by matching them with suitable mentors.
However it's much more than that. It's a learning and development toolkit built upon the twin foundations of mentoring and e-learning, which support a wide range of learning and development resources. All accessible from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, irrespective of manufacturer and operating system.

The scheme is available to both students and members of the London Institute of Banking & Finance for free.

Features include:

      1. A searchable database of prospective mentors
      2. The Journey - a step by step framework that enables you to get the most out of your mentoring experience
      3. Learning Diary to record your progress
      4. Comprehensive learning resources and support

Participants can achieve significant benefits by being matched to a mentor.

How Mentoring Can Benefit You

      1. You will be able to explore careers that have caught your interest and find out more about the career and the work environment from the people who are already doing them.
      2. Provide a broader view of where your degree can take you.
      3. Gain advice and tips on looking for work after graduation.
      4. Independent advice about expectations, career plan, strengths and weaknesses and whether your skills, personality and passion would fit with specific careers.
      5. You will get insight into the different routes you could take to achieve your career goals.
      6. Develop knowledge of discipline-related and non-technical skills.
      7. Develop your mentoring skills through reverse mentoring - for example sharing your knowledge and experience of using social media and new technologies.
      8. You will be able to access support, professional development and guidance.
      9. You will learn that successful leaders were once just like you - ambitious but maybe a little uncertain.

How Mentoring Students and Members Can Benefit Mentors

  1. Opportunities to stay connected with the university community.
  2. An insight into the latest education trends and graduate skills.
  3. The ability to pass on your experience as an employer or employee.
  4. A chance to use your communication and leadership skills and industry knowledge.
  5. The satisfaction of helping students and members enhance their career development strategies.
  6. A new perspective on your professional and personal experiences.
  7. Networking with fellow alumni and mentors.

How does it work?

If you are a student or member you can use your existing LIBF number and password to access the scheme. You will need an email address.

If you do not have an LIBF number then please register as a new user.

Once you have accessed the platform you will be prompted to complete a profile form, which will enable mentors and mentees to be matched based on areas of common interest and experience. Once matched we recommend our mentors and mentees meet (Face to face or via Skype) for at least one hour per month. However, many successful relationships are also carried out over the telephone and via email.

Mentor Match Me